Dallas Bethlehem Center (DBC) is a community impact organization that has a history and commitment of serving the South Dallas area since 1946. DBC is dedicated to being the success readiness center for school and life in its service area through programs built on parent and community partnerships.
DBC Hosts Events and Programs
that Bring the Community Together
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What is the Dallas Bethlehem Center?

At Dallas Bethlehem Center, we are a community impact organization that has a history and commitment of serving Dallas since 1946.

We hosts community wide events throughout the year while partnering with program providers to deliver high-impact offerings in key areas including education and community connection. We are very intentional about the programming we bring to the community and we’re focused on being a multi-faceted education pipeline to help address generational poverty in South Dallas/Fair Park.

We’re current located near the symbolic intersection of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcom X streets. Dallas Bethlehem Center is a space where all generations within the community can spend time, connect amongst themselves, and learn about resources.

Older generations have many meaningful memories of DBC and now enjoy seeing their children volunteer, engage, and continue their philanthropy with the organization.

Dallas Bethlehem’s Center’s Purpose

Thriving Community

Strong Families

Better Lives

Dallas Bethlehem Center’s Mission

Empower & Resource our Community to Improve Lives through Education & Connected Solutions

Early Childhood Programming

  • Early childhood 0-3 years

Community Connection

  • Weekly food distribution
  • Annual signature events – e.g. Easter, Summer Camp, Thanksgiving, Christmas

History of the Dallas Bethlehem Center & Where It’s Going

  1. Founded as a faith-based mission of the United Methodist Church North Texas Conference
  2. African American flight to South Dallas Sale of Thomas Avenue building & purchase of land on Leland
  3. Incorporated as a non-profit
  4. Kindergarten license granted
  5. Playground dedicated
  6. Suspended operations to regroup on strategic planning and fundraising opportunities
  7. Restructured to a Partnership Model
  8. Established educational partnership with Child Care Group
  9. A strategic plan is set in motion for focus on Cradle to Career Education and Community Connection

Current South Dallas Neighborhood Demographics


51 – 57% of homes are rented 


20 – 22% are vacant

Registered sex offenders are 90% greater than the national average

Highest crime rate in Dallas

Vehicle access is extremely low


of  neighbors are economically disadvantaged 


are unemployed

The 2 zip codes are in a food desert

1 out of 9 teens

Teenage pregnancy rate is the highest in Dallas

Strategic Partners

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